Finish this course in a month! (Do 3 lessons a day)

Welcome to Simple Dev's CSS Crash Course!

Before we get started learning CSS, I want to give my biggest tip for getting through this course: if you can commit to doing 3 lessons a day, you'll be able to finish this course in about a month!

Do 3 lessons a day

At the time of writing this lesson, this course has around 80 lessons, so if you do 3 lessons a day, it'll take about 27 days.

Now, let's say we add more lessons in the future and we have a total of 100 lessons. If you do 3 lessons a day, it'll take a little over 33 days to finish the course.

Spending one month on one coding language may sound like a lot, but as you can see from this lesson, it only takes a little bit of time each day. Plus, in this course we'll go beyond just the basics of CSS and touch on some more intermediate concepts, so you'll actually learn a little bit more than just CSS.

Make a commitment

Some days you'll probably do more lessons, and some you might do less, but the important thing is that you do some of the course every day (or almost every day).

Think of a way you can keep yourself accountable (calendar app, physical calendar, reminder app, posting on social media, etc.), and let's start learning!

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